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Jake Shimabukuro
Friday March 6
For these shows, Jake will be appearing solo, but will be inviting special guest artists to accompany him on different arrangements.

Over the course of the past 15 years, Jake Shimabukuro has challenged and changed all notions of what was possible with a ukulele. But on his latest album, "Trio," the acclaimed musician begins a bold and exciting new chapter in his already remarkable career.

Unlike previous releases on which Shimabukuro sometimes utilized studio musicians recording songs he’d already written, "Trio" is radically different: it’s a true band album. The only sounds on the record are performed by himself, bassist Nolan Verner and guitarist Dave Preston, and many of the songs were composed spontaneously in the studio. In this way, "Trio" lives up to its title as a fully immersive document of the sonic alchemy the three musicians achieve on stage.

“I really wanted to capture the sound that we make when we jam together,” Shimabukuro explains. “We get into this amazing improvisational zone at soundchecks: Nolan will play a cool bassline, and Dave will chime in with these incredible guitar parts. Then I’ ll come in right after and play melodies to what they’re doing. So I finally said, 'We should just go into the studio, hit ‘record’ and see what happens. It would be an experiment, but I had a feeling that great things would come from it.”

Music fans will no doubt hail Trio as a highwater mark for Shimabukuro, and the artist himself regards it as a personal best. “Beyond playing the ukulele, I’ve really tried to grow as a writer,” he says. "Spending time in Nashville and being around great songwriters has inspired and influenced me, and of course, working with Nolan and Dave has brought me to musical places I never thought possible. I’m so proud of the music we make together, and I can’t thank them, R.S. Field and Van Fletche
Time: 05:00 PM – 10:30 PM   Cover:  $35.00 - $45.00
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